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Walking the tightrope

Today was a beautiful day, I went to a  fair that  featured some amazing artists and  performers. I was especially drawn to the tightrope walkers as I noticed their brave approach to walking the rope. As the performers reached the rope, I saw that they did not worry about falling, they simply started walking and took it one step at a time. As it got to be difficult and they started to lose balance, they simply took a breath, focused and found their way back to balance. It got me thinking, why do we not approach our challenges and goals with this kind of attitude- to simply start and not worry about the fall. I think this is what gets us most of the time, we worry too much about what will happen if we fall.  When we worry, our thoughts become too overwhelming and most times we never end up taking the first steps. But what if we never start, what if we never feel what it is like to walk the rope and get to the other side. To me, missing out on the adventure is a bigger tragedy then actually falling.

I say, start walking in the direction you wish to go, even if you fall, you can always get right back up. Start on a low rope, (small challenge/goal) get to the other side, enjoy it and then aim higher.  If you make it to the other side, (and you will) well then, it was well worth it.

Go out there and do something great! Walk the rope!

P.S. If you need a helping hand, you know how to find me and I would be happy to help you take the first step.

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