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This is my life- inspired by the Holstee Manifesto

I stumbled upon the Holstee Manifesto about 1 year ago at a quite perfect time. I had just left my job of 2 years in search for pushing my limits only to take an agency job that put me a box- literally.  A week at the agency totally depressed me as I realized I would be doing the same thing for years and growth was minimal at best. The ones who had been there for a while, looked stressed, tired and miserable. I knew this could  not be it as I started to realize that  life was too short not to do something that mattered (a book by Hugh McLeod, Evil Plans helped push this idea- just so happen to be on my desk- timing at it’s best).  As I could not stand (or sit in my box) idle- I started to create by Plan B list, drew out my new plan on paper for a visual to hold on to-packed up my desk and went home to get started. I set out a space in my house for “work”, started a blog (this one) and began to search the internet for inspiration, people, companies, organizations that did work that mattered and that is when I found the manifesto. The words spoke to me loud and clear and set me in a new path that has enabled incredible growth. I printed the manifesto (and a few for friends as well) and posted it above my desk to look at each morning.

Over the past year, I took on the launch of this project-  It is all about helping people achieve their performance and wellness goals and well as work through ailments by concentrating on what they eat and how it relates to their health. Along with this amazingly fulfilling project, I started to talk to people about their passion and created actions plans for each. I most recently decided to sell my house, keep things simple, complete a 200 hour yoga certification, travel to see friends and family and finally focus on listening to my kids (they know so much about happiness), reading inspired novels, typing late at night, exploring new places, and meeting new people (basically getting out of my comfort zone)- all for the cause of  doing what I came here to do and that is helping others grow their passions while living a happy, fulfilled, healthy life.

So this post is for Holstee- thank you for putting your manifesto down on paper and spreading the message- it has been truly inspiring for me. I think sometimes if we are open to the signs (they are everywhere) and listen to the little voice in our heads (that will not go away, so just listen to it for goodness sake) and keep pushing ourselves (do something that scares you everyday-  this is a good motivator)- then the world opens up and we take this life, our life, into our own hands and we can then finally start to feel inspired, fulfilled and alive.

Now, my passion seekers out there, I shared my story- I know you have a story to tell as well- if you dare, share it with Holstee here to join the My Life Project. Here is my story on My Life.

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