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My Areas of Refuge

I just got done reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, really great, I have a copy if you would like to¬†borrow it. I got a lot of take away’s from the book organized creatively in chapters of 12 months of lessons, but what comes to mind tonight is identifying my area of refuge. An Area of Refuge is the people, places, moments that bring you to a good place by simply thinking of them, enjoying the moment or going to these places that bring you the most happiness.

My Area’s of Refuge:

  • The peace and stillness of watching my children sleep
  • Being in the arms of my husband
  • Getting to my blog to write
  • Enjoying wine and conversation with great friends and family
  • The ocean (east and west coast hold special places in my heart and bring me great peace)
  • A cool breeze on a summer night
  • The namaste at the end of a Yoga class
  • Finishing a long run
  • Waking up from a wonderful full nights sleep
  • Morning coffee with steamed milk and a dash of raw sugar
Everyone has a place of refuge, where is yours?

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