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It’s a Stormy night, and I am back!

539418_408272922554793_753887445_nWell, it has been 5 years and this idea of sharing the love for what I do and helping passionate people along the way is stronger then ever. In the time since I have last written, I started a yoga company and within 2 years a cafe right next store with nourishing foods, art, music, and most of all community- such a beautiful one too. I have traveled to many states teaching the ways of opening and running juice bars. I have met so many people and learned so much about myself, about business, about how I can truly help others.

And so I am back, to write here and share the love! The company I built is Nourishing Storm Studio & Cafe and she is turning 5 this fall- whoa! Time truly does fly when you are having so much fun. My staff- the instructors and juice bar gals (and guy- we have one and he fits right in with the gals), and storm ambassadors are all incredible beings who teach, share and blend up such goodness with smiles, love and happiness, just the way it should be. As I read through the posts I shared here, I realize all of the things I wrote about, all the wishes, the observations about “good” business, they are all happening at the “Storm” as we call it.

The name “Nourishing Storm” came about for many reasons (more to be explained later as the name and story can make such an impact), but mostly the thought that life can get really stormy, but we can stand (or sit as a yogi) in our power, beauty and grace and be the calm, the change as it has been said that we wish to see. We have everything in us we need, but sometimes it does help to have a safe haven to come to when life gets to be too much, a place to learn the skills to get us through the next storm which will surely be bigger and require more from us. But I have seen within my students, our community, that we are each braver and stronger then we know and each day we grow a little more, along such passionate people.

And now as the rain pours down on this perfect stormy night and my mind is rushing with so many ideas that I want to share with you- we have so much catching up to do … I think it is best to say goodnight. My plan is to come back here often with clear, short and sweet ideas for how to help you, passionate one, start and/or keep growing with your ideas.

Here is to storms, to being woken up from the inside out, and to tucking our little ones in each night. My littlest sneaked in my bed while I was writing this post and my other little guru just told me he needed one more hug- this is the real why right?!… another good topic to explore. To staying up to be inspired and being very grateful for this amazing experience we have here together to figure it all out and have just a bit of fun along the way!

Love to hear about what inspires you? It is our theme this month at Nourishing Storm and we are feeling it from all angles- share yours to inspire others to keep following their dreams!


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