Lucia Bella Project

Introducing Lucia Bella

Serving great food and wine with family and friends  is such a great passion of mine and that is why when a great friend of mine asked me to help her start a new business for cooking, making homemade wine and catering, I was delighted.

We started with creating a name and then a logo that spoke to Italian family traditions, home cooked meals and simplicity.  Next, as the first homemade batch of wine was getting ready to be bottled, we created wine labels with the goal of creating a series for each unique batch.

And finally, we created a blog that features some great recipes for any occasion and notes on homemade wine making. Over the next few weeks, we will be customizing the blog and adding simple and delicious recipes, so I hope you will follow us here.

This is truly a project of passion in sharing the traditions of a talented chef and wine maker with others to bring great food and wine into warm homes to enjoy with family and friends.

Visit Lucia Bella’s Kitchen.

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