Get Started

Want to grow an idea, project, business venture, etc … here are some ways to get started.

Small Business:

  1. Start with a concept, theme, purpose (always have a clear purpose) and identify a need.
  2. Create a logo that speaks for our purpose and theme (make it simple and clean and one you can use in multiple places).
  3. From your logo, create a color palette and fonts that will carry through to your website, marketing pieces, promotional material, etc.
  4. Make yourself an outline of to do’s and set dates (Basecamp is wonderful for project management, especially when you have multiple people working on your project, i.e. designers, writers, business partners, etc).
  5. Stick to deadlines, do whatever it takes, because one missed deadline validates another and so on.
  6. Get feedback on the way, but only from people you want feedback from (if you let everyone give you an opinion, you may go crazy, there are too many and you can not please everyone, nor do you need to, this is your baby).

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