“Working with Kristin was nothing less than a fantastic experience.  I was new to the concept of hiring a coach, and, while I was nervous at first, Kristin put me at ease very quickly.  We got right down to business, and she was able to help me identify several areas of my life that needed my nurturing and attention, one of which was my career. 

In our sessions, she helped me gain clarity on my goals and dreams, and helped me boost my own confidence level, allowing me to me feel more secure in my decision to move forward and start my own business. Working through my original business plan, Kristin helped me realize that I needed to trust my intuition.  That lead me to realize that my original business concept was not right for me at the time.   Having Kristin work through that with me was pivotal to my path, and for that I am truly grateful.   Had I not invested the time to work with her, I would not be where I am today, which is living a more balanced life, building my business and living out my dreams.”

-Elizabeth, Sweet Lady Bug Bakery