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Bringing Clean Drinking Water to Moale

Last September I donated my 29th birthday to the September Campaign for Charity Water .  In doing so, I invited all my friends and family to make a contribution to the cause.  Charity Water, one of my favorite non-profit organizations, brings clean, safe drinking water to people of developing nations. Clean, safe drinking water is a basic necessity that we take for granted everyday. Charity Water is without a doubt, doing great things, making a really big difference in changing many people lives everyday because water does in fact change everything (check out their site, they have proof). This particular project was to bring clean drinking water to Moale Village, deep in the heart of Central African Republic. Together my friends and family raised just about $500 out of the total $1,700,000 towards the project.

July 20th they hit clean water in Moale with a newly installed pump 240 feet beneath the earth. Click here  to see the video, it is truly amazing.

Thank you to all my wonderful friends and family that made a contribution. This year Juliette will be donating her 1st birthday on October 5th, 2011.  Check our her campaign.

If you to want to donate your birthday or special project to the cause and change the world, start your campaign here.

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