Living Well Project

I made it out alive … and boy, do I have a finished project to share with you!

Well I made it through my first major project officially as a Project Manager … I have disappeared for quite a long time here on my blog, which I do regret, but I dove into this project completely and learned a lot in bringing to life a concept to a fully functional ecommerce website and… Read More I made it out alive … and boy, do I have a finished project to share with you!

Inspiring People

My Areas of Refuge

I just got done reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, really great, I have a copy if you would like to borrow it. I got a lot of take away’s from the book organized creatively in chapters of 12 months of lessons, but what comes to mind tonight is identifying my area of refuge. An… Read More My Areas of Refuge

Inspiring People

A night at the Cafe

I had a wonderful night at a Cafe last night with one of my best friends. What made it so wonderful, beyond enjoying the company of one of my favorites was the relaxed Tuscan atmosphere and professional service they provided. We arrived as the sun was setting on the eastern coast and the cool breeze started to… Read More A night at the Cafe

Inspiring People

Walking the tightrope

Today was a beautiful day, I went to a  fair that  featured some amazing artists and  performers. I was especially drawn to the tightrope walkers as I noticed their brave approach to walking the rope. As the performers reached the rope, I saw that they did not worry about falling, they simply started walking and took it… Read More Walking the tightrope