I am a Project Manager of Creative Pursuits and I work with Passionate People to do work that matters. Working for corporate America made me realize a few things, but the top thing that comes to mind is that Life is too short to do something that does not matter and that we all have great talents to give, it is just a matter of finding it and doing the work and all the rest falls into place. There are creative people all around me that have great talents and I am here to help them grow.

Read my first post to find out what brought me here.

Shortly after I left corporate america, I started to really live into dive into doing the work I truly love, combining my two passions of yoga and food. I created a company called Nourishing Storm Studio & Cafe. It started with a yoga studio and then a few years later as we grew to get our on space, I also opened a beautiful cafe full of nutritious smoothies, juices, coffee, tea, salads, wraps, healthy snacks and more. It seemed like a perfect combo and one that softened the doors to the yoga room.

I am doing what I love and more important then that I have an amazing community and team that loves what they do too. And that’s what brought me back here. After truly creating a place that is both using my talents and helping others, I am more then ever determined to help other passionate people do the same.

Check us Nourishing Storm here.

If you are here to learn more about opening your own Nourishing Storm Studio & Cafe OR starting your very own concept, I am here to help you grow!

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