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A night at the Cafe

I had a wonderful night at a Cafe last night with one of my best friends. What made it so wonderful, beyond enjoying the company of one of my favorites was the relaxed Tuscan atmosphere and professional service they provided. We arrived as the sun was setting on the eastern coast and the cool breeze started to cool the temperature after a hot 95 something day. We took advantage of their comfortable outside seating, ordered a glass a wine, listened to the music and simply enjoyed the time. The service was really nice, the cafe was filled with beautiful plants and decor, and most importantly, they allowed us to chat in total peace. I felt as though I was back in the Cinque Terre, when in fact, we far from Italy.

Now I am saying this, because this almost never happens. Between rude service, tacky decor, and very unsatisfied customers complaining in the background, it is hard to enjoy a great time out. However, there are rare establishments that have got it right and because of this, they will succeed.

When you love what you do, people notice and in the rare time we have to actually get out and enjoy some great food and wine, we will pick the establishments that provide this wonderful haven.  So if you are going to offer a place for people to come and relax and expect people to actually come back, do it right.  Please  do not turn them away by hiring staff that does not care and makes you feel that they do not care, ignore the little details that mean so much and not take the time to make the environment warm and inviting. It’s kinda simple and makes a big difference in success or failure.

Here is to enjoying a wonderful night, finding a place to meet one of my best friends over lovely wine and conversation …  if only for a few hours, well be back.

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